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Tofutush Tofutush 7 August

Lyrics, I guess

May I have your attention please
May I have your attention please
Will the real Pinkie Pie please sit down
I said, will the real Pinkie Pie please sit down
Uh, we're gonna have a problem here
Y'all act like you never seen a pink pony before
Eyes on the floor, like Mrs. Cake is being a whore
With me babysitting worse than before
Apples to the core? That apple core is rotten now
And now Twilight's like
Oh, no, what a catastrophe
She didn't use the legend of the mirror pool, did she
And then Spike said
Nothing, you bronies
Spike's a bone-head, he's hiding under his bed
Brony guys love Pinkie Pie
(Chooga chooga choo~)
Pinkie Pie, I'm sick of her, look at her
Hoppin' around shakin' her you-know-what
In front of you-know-who
Yeah but she's so fun though
Yeah I p…
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Tofutush Tofutush 30 July

FWS: Drawing Cats

An FWS cat has the following body parts:

  • Head
    • Facial Features
      • Muzzle
      • Ears
      • Eyes
      • Eyebrows
      • Mouth and nose
    • Enchantments
      • Cheek
      • Topping
  • Body
    • Main Parts
      • Chest and torso
      • Legs
        • Front Legs
        • Back Legs
      • Tail
    • Enchantments
  • Enchantments
    • Stripes
    • Colors
    • Wings
    • Scars

The head of an FWS cat (aka cat below) is literally an oval. The front looks like a round circle, but the side is slightly thinner to make way for the muzzle.

A cat's facial features only include the most critically needed ones. That includes eyes, eyebrows and mouth to express feelings, and ears and nose to balance the face.

A cat's muzzle represents the gender. Female cats have round muzzles, while male cats have rectangular ones.

There are 6 different ear shapes in total, including short ears, long ears, and sharp tips, r…

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